What’s Happening to the Pizza Industry?

Right now, there are a lot of things up in the air. How long will our current situation last? What kind of toll will it take on the restaurant industry? Is takeout going to sustain us? Where does pizza fall into that equation?

No matter what this situation brings, though, there are some things that will always be true. One of those facts is Americans love pizza. In fact, we might love it more than anything else, and the data proves it.

* Three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year.

* More than 41 percent of us eat pizza every week.

* Pepperoni accounts for more than 1/3 of all pizza orders.

* Mozzarella cheese production in the United States equals nearly 80 percent of all Italian-style cheeses.

* The pizza industry sells more than $40 billion in product every year.

Another thing that hasn’t changed during the recent situation is that Americans are still eating pizza. Even with shelters-in-place and social distancing, we’re still finding ways to get to our most beloved food, and again, the numbers are proving it. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, which sites data from Sense360, the pizza industry saw a year-over-year traffic decline of only eight percent from March 11 to 20, the lowest among restaurant subcategories.

“One reason we believe pizza is faring relatively well is that, on a per-person basis, pizza is high value in terms of the number of people it can feed for a low cost,” Sense360 reported in their statement.

Again, the proof is in the numbers. As of the time the QSR Magazine article was published, Pizza Hut announced their goal to hire 30,000 permanent positions, in addition to reducing the training times require to get that new staff up and running.

“We’re in close communication with our franchisee partners to ensure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible,” a Pizza Hut spokesperson said in an email to QSR. “We’re expediting our hiring and onboarding process to accommodate their restaurant needs, and to get delivery drivers on the road quickly and safely.”

But Pizza Hut isn’t the only pizza chain looking to expand capacity. Similarly, Papa Johns announced plans to hire 20,000 new workers, while Domino’s Pizza is hoping to add an additional 10,000 to their roster.

So, no, getting through this period is not going to be easy. Many restaurants and organizations are experiencing tough times. But even in the midst of it, there are still some bright spots we can celebrate.

And of course, it’s always good to know we can still order a piping hot pie. Fresh mozz and basil here, please.

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