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This is Innovation in Commercial Foodservice


At Middleby, we focus on developing solutions for our customers in the constantly evolving foodservice industry. Innovation is the core of Middleby and our goal is to be ahead of the needs of our customers. Whether it is a state-of-the-art technology or a patented product for safety and efficiency, Middleby is proud to have an ongoing track record of introducing new solutions to the marketplace.

Featured Innovation


TurboChef PLEXOR

The PLEXOR impingement, rapid cook and TurboVect modules can be configured in any combination and field-retrofitted should the user’s menu change. What sets PLEXOR apart is its modular design and ability to operate three technologies on a single user interface with a single plug. It features TurboChef patented ventless technology and can be ordered in left, right, or center automated loading/unloading door orientation.

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Taylor Crown Series Grills

It’s instinctive, intelligent and simply amazing. With patented technology unlike anything else on the market, Crown Series grills can actually sense what’s cooking and adjust the platens accordingly, ensuring precise temperatures and a more consistent delicious product for customers.

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Nieco Broiler with Evo VentCore ™

A ventless Nieco Broiler is here! The Evo® VentCore™ features an integrally attached electric Nieco® Broiler and a recirculating ventilation system that captures and processes cooking vapor, returning clean air back to an occupied space.  Nieco Broilers simplify labor needs and increase speed of service, providing consistently cooked, superior-tasting products and boosting profit.

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Bluezone Destroys Airborne Aerosols

Bluezone® by Middleby promotes safety inside with patented, ultraviolet air cleaning technology that kills up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including COVID-19. The unit operates by air entering the chamber, where it is then then it is scrubbed of contaminants and purified air is returned to the space. Bluezone is safe to operate 24/7.

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Blodgett Convection Ovens

Blodgett® electric convection ovens are easy to use, easier to control and clean, and outlast the competition.  Mark V, Zephaire, and CTB models are available with the award winning Hoodini™ ventless hood. A foodservice operation and the resulting revenue stream can but put into place where it would have previously been impossible due to ventilation requirements.  Operators have trusted Blodgett for consistency and quality for more than 170 years!

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PUC Automated Smart Order Cabinets

Take your carry-out business to the next level with the Carter-Hoffmann PUC smart order cabinets. Online orders can be fulfilled and managed with integration with your POS system. Customers can order online, skip the line and get their orders fast. All have anti-microbial coating and can be customized with colors and branding. PUC is available in many configurations and is modular, let us build the one that’s right for your business.

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Learn About the Latest Middleby Innovations

Explore the latest from the Middleby LEARN blog and discover the potential benefits in your commercial foodservice operation.

Middleby Innovation Kitchens

To experience the most advanced Middleby cooking technologies, automation, IoT, beverage and more all in one location visit the Middleby Innovation Kitchens, located in the Dallas area. Our dedicated. experienced chefs welcome the opportunity to work directly with our guests on their menus, from pizza and burgers to the finest dining experience.

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This is Middleby Test Kitchens

Take the wheel of the latest innovative solutions by scheduling a personal test drive at a location near you. With test kitchens set up all across the country, testing our equipment has never been more convenient. Whether you know exactly what type of equipment needs you have or you’re looking for solutions to match your menu, the Test Drive will help you evaluate the available options and find the perfect compliment for your business.