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Middleby IoT-based Solutions

Data Enables Operators to Run Kitchens More Efficiently

Open Kitchen enables users to monitor, analyze and control all facility assets, including HVAC, lighting and refrigeration. With the Open Kitchen application, restaurants, convenience stores, other food service operators and food retailers can connect and monitor different brands of kitchen equipment and automate essential kitchen functions using just one platform.

Optimizing Foodservice with Data Analytics

Open Kitchen optimizes operational processes through the digitization of the commercial kitchen, creating efficiencies and a range of benefits for multisite operators.
Open Kitchen at a Glance:
  • An open solutions capable of communicating with equipment from all manufacturers.
  • Out-of-the-box predictive analytics, configurable reports and escalating alerts
  • Remote recipe distribution and a recipe creation hub
  • Real-time wireless temperature monitoring
  • Powerful mobile app simplifies task management

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Real-time Knowledge Offers Benefits

Open Kitchen® from Powerhouse Dynamics is a powerful enterprise equipment and energy management platform that provides multisite operators of small facilities with intuitive controls and analytics to reduce energy and maintenance costs and, for food service operators, enhances kitchen performance. Save up to 20% of energy costs, better manage your critical equipment, and gain full visibility into operations.

  • Lower your operating costs
  • Create consistently comfortable conditions for your customers and staff
  • Increase equipment uptime and optimize performance
  • Reduce food safety risks
  • Improve product quality

Arby’s Case Study:
Saving Money with Open Kitchen, IoT, and Smart Kitchens

Arby’s Franchisee, The Brumit Group, is improving efficiency and controlling costs across 50+ locations utilizing the benefits of IoT and smart kitchen tech.
Learn how you can save money while making food and equipment safer.

Download the Arby’s Case Study

The Cutting Edge of Food Automation

Cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning ensures your organization continuously learns and gets better over time. Lab2Fab’s servR is the smarts behind it all, connecting all L2F IoT products with easy, actionable insights so you can manage operations with ease.

Increasing profits with the perfect pour

Precision pour spouts transmit real-time data tracking mimicking free pours, saving you thousands of dollars in liquor loss and unrecorded sales.

Introducing Skyflo

An Elegant Solution to a Messy Problem

Customizable Smart Pour Spouts

Kitchen Automation is Here

Meet FryBot™, fully automated technology to streamline the frying process. Improving speed of service, enhancing labor efficiency, improving quality, safety and savings, the future of restaurant is evolving. FryBot™ improves your throughput, increases your yields, allowing for higher profits, consistent quality and consistent performance. Employees can focus on more important and impactful tasks when FryBot™ is added to the team. Always on, always delicious.

FryBot™ is capturing all usage data and storing it in the cloud which is accessible through the web app. FryBot™ gathers data on fry time, frying period, amount of food, type of food and oil temperature. This data is used for learning demand and inventory needs for a given operation.

Find the IOT Solutions that Middleby is cooking up!

With a number of innovative technologies designed to optimize your commercial kitchen, we’re here to help you get started.


Plug into the Future of Foodservice

Whether its labor challenges, space limitations, or lack of consistency, connect to the leading foodservice technologies you can only find with Middleby’s IoT-based solutions. See some of the solutions in action in the interactive Ghost Kitchen Experience!

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The Growing Relationship Between Restaurants and Technology

COVID-19 has put operations and processes under the microscope, and the result has been a clearer view of how technology can help with safety and efficiency, the two things that are most critical in foodservice today.

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Ghost Kitchens Are Not a Trend, They’re Here to Stay

There are some trends we were seeing pre-COVID that are still relevant today, and in some cases, are even accelerated. One of those trends is the ghost kitchen.

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