Open laptop computer with hands in front - one near keyboard and one holding gold credit card with black stripe at bottom purchasing restaurant equipment.
Buying Restaurant Equipment Online vs. In-Store

There are many ways to buy just about everything these days, and foodservice equipment is no different. While online shopping provides a quick..

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How to Combat Employee ‘Shopping’ in the Restaurant Industry

Thanks largely to the pandemic, the Great Resignation still exists in some industries, notably within foodservice establishments and the restaurant industry. For operators,..

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) About Ventless Hoods

Ventless foodservice equipment is one of the hottest movements in all of foodservice. While trends tend to come and go, movements are gradual..

foodservice equipment maintenance tips
No Fear! Commercial Foodservice Equipment Maintenance Tips are Here

It’s no secret that maintaining foodservice equipment can be a daunting process. When there’s a well-constructed plan in place, though, it doesn’t have..

MIK Grilling Kitchen - Replace restaurant equipment blog
Repair vs. Replace: How to Decide When to Replace Restaurant Equipment

Faulty equipment can cause lots of issues in commercial and institutional kitchens. There is a lot to deal with from the inconvenience involved,..

Reopening schools with Bluezone air purification systems
Get Funding to Create Safe Air in Schools

The period between drop off and pick up can be the most nerve-wracking time in the day for parents. This is when families..

Restaurant sign for counter orders or pickup orders
The Top Three Trends in Foodservice Design

The ability to pivot quickly has become key to staying afloat in today’s ever-changing foodservice landscape. With Covid, labor, and material shortages all..

Paying through mobile gadget
What We Know About Low-Touch Dining

The fast rise of low touch dining is a part of the past two years that evolved and expanded once restaurants began to..

Chalkboard with 'zero waste' written on it surrounded by fruits, vegetables, pasta and other foods
The Importance of Sustainability in Foodservice

Sustainable practices are an important trend, not just in foodservice but in all industries. Companies realize the financial benefits of using fewer resources…

Image with circles on green background surrounding total cost of ownership
The Total Cost of Ownership: How Investing up Front Pays Off In The Long Run

Purchasing new kitchen equipment for a commercial foodservice operation should be a thoughtful process. There are many things to consider and finding equipment..