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Commercial Mixers Are Versatile

Mixers are some of the most versatile pieces of foodservice equipment in commercial kitchens. They can blend, mix, whip, kneed, grind, tenderize, shred, and do a whole lot more. When you combine the types of mixers offered by Globe with the different types of available hub attachments, the possibilities are endless.

Versatile combinations are also a great way to save on operating costs, especially as it relates to using the different hub options available through Globe. With the right attachment, a Globe mixer can help operators maximize the effectiveness of staff, getting jobs done more efficiently with high-quality processing power.


Selecting The Right Mixer

So how do these options provide the potential for savings? First, Globe offers a low cost of ownership and a two-year warranty. By standing behind the designs and manufacturing process, operators can be sure they’re getting an affordable, high-quality unit that will stand the test of time.

When a mixer is paired with the right attachment, it’s an opportunity to process fresh ingredients such as cheeses, vegetables, or other foods or products that are priced higher when they’re processed via manufacturing. This means operators can save on food costs, provide greater freshness, and avoid expensive, pre-packaged options.

Selecting the right mixer and the attachments to go with it can depend on the type of operation you’re running. Explore a range of restaurant types in our Ghost Kitchen Experience, and see where your Globe mixer can fit.

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