No Fear! Best Preventative Maintenance Tips for Fryers, Griddles, and More

Preventative maintenance tips are a great way to help remove fear from a commercial kitchen. Why? Because well-maintained foodservice equipment is key to reducing headaches, eliminating downtime, and ultimately enhancing profitability.

When operations devise a maintenance plan and schedule, and empower staff to enact those plans, equipment will use less energy, last longer, and perform at higher standards. Equipment such as broilers, griddles, charbroilers, and fryers is essential for diversifying the cooking process, so let’s dive into some best practices for maintaining each of these equipment types:

Broiler Maintenance Tips

Broilers are often used for grilling or broiling meats and seafood. This translates directly to the center of the plate, so units should be treated with the same degree of importance. Clean broiler grates and surfaces daily with warm, soapy water to remove grease and food residue. Inspect and clean the burner tubes and ports regularly to ensure proper gas flow and even heating. Check and replace any worn-out knobs or controls to maintain precise temperature control. Schedule periodic professional inspections to detect and address any potential issues before they escalate. Consider putting these items in a schedule that’s accessible to all staff members.

Griddle Maintenance Tips

Griddles can be the centerpiece of foodservice from breakfast through dinner. Proper griddle maintenance is key to preventing flavor transfer and ensuring food safety. Consider the following maintenance tasks: Clean the griddle surface thoroughly after each use and season it regularly to maintain its non-stick properties. Empty and clean the grease trap daily to prevent grease buildup and potential fire hazards. Inspect the thermostat regularly to ensure accurate temperature control and calibration. Check for cracks or damage to the cooking surface and replace if necessary to prevent contamination and uneven cooking. Last but not least, don’t forget to clean the knobs and replace them if they wear down.

Charbroiler Maintenance Tips

Charbroilers are popular for imparting a distinct grilled flavor to food items like steaks, chicken, and vegetables. Like broilers, they’re often used for center-of-the-palate menu items, and they should be considered as a high-value piece of foodservice equipment. To keep charbroilers clean, pay close attention to the charbroiler grates and burner covers daily to remove grease and carbon buildup. Inspect and clean the burners and gas lines to ensure efficient operation and prevent flare-ups. Check for clogs in the gas lines and clear them to maintain consistent heat distribution. Replace any worn-out or damaged components, such as igniters or burner tubes, to prevent downtime.

Fryer Maintenance Tips

Fryers are critical for delivering many of the foods consumers love the most. Items like French fries and chicken wings are always made better by a great fryer, and a great fryer can retain its greatness with proper maintenance. Taking care of a commercial fryer can increase food quality and reduce safety hazards, so consider guidelines like cleaning fryer baskets and filtering oil daily to remove food particles and extend the oil lifespan. Regularly inspect and clean behind the fryer to prevent grease buildup and maintain a clean kitchen environment. Check the pilot light and air vents monthly to ensure proper ignition and ventilation. Schedule professional deep cleanings periodically to remove carbon deposits and prevent equipment malfunction.

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