8 Reasons to Choose Steam Cooking

Foodservice operators everywhere are looking for ways to continue to serve their customers the dishes that they love, at the quality they expect, while still trying to keep costs at a minimum. Steam cooking, specifically convection steamers, have proven to be a valuable solution during this challenging time.

Not only was steam cooking an efficient, cost-effective cooking method pre-COVID, it’s an effective way to deliver your most prominent menu items like oysters, crab legs, and lobsters at a time when the foodservice industry has been turned upside-down.

There have always been benefits to using steamers in your commercial kitchen, but now more than ever, steam cooking can help operators continue to serve their customers.

8 Reasons You Need to Use Steam Cooking

From fine-dining establishments to school cafeterias there are plenty of reasons to employ steam cooking your foodservice operation.

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The industry’s first ENERGY STAR qualified steamer provides all of those benefits and more.


Now Steaming: The Market Forge Eco-Tech Plus


The Eco-Tech Plus from Market Forge is an Atmospheric Steam Generator that comes complete with a self-contained water filter system. What does that mean to an operator? It saves energy and it saves water. Here’s how:

Eco-Tech Plus steamers feature an incorporated water management system that reduces the amount of water used to condense steam, while adding substantial savings on energy-related costs. This steamer can save you 80-100 gallons of water PER HOUR over other convection steamers.

With two independent cooking compartments, each with its own generator, operations will experience increased steam capacity, flexibility, and improved results. With no flavor transfer, you can cook seafood dishes in one compartment, while steaming vegetables in the other. That’s more food in less time.

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Using Steamers in Today’s Foodservice Landscape

With takeout and delivery orders at an all-time high, and often the only way for restaurants to remain open, it’s vital to maintain optimal food quality and freshness, while not sacrificing time to keep orders moving out the door.

The Eco-Tech Plus can be used as a holding cabinet to keep cooked food at a precise temperature, ready to deliver to guests when needed. Not only that, but re-therming in a steamer can reduce prep time and labor requirements.

At a time where staffing and costs are tight, convection steamers like the Eco-Tech Plus are efficient, economical, and easy to use.

Whether you’re looking to steam lobster or vegetables, we want to make sure your menu of Middleby Solutions matches your interests. Tell us your interests and receive personalized content sent directly to your inbox.

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