3 Things School Nutrition Directors Should Consider in a Convection Oven

School nutrition directors aren’t strangers to volatility in the workplace. From changing nutrition regulations to budgetary constraints to staffing shortages to potential staffing surpluses in the current COVID-19 pandemic, adaptation can mean the difference between efficient, cost-effective service and the unwanted alternatives.

That being said, how can a school district achieve adaptability in its school cafeterias? How can directors maximize the potential of staffing while still delivering consistency? And what are the tools needed to provide this level of service?

More than any other type of equipment in a school cafeteria, convection ovens are the most important, but there are important factors to consider.

School Cafeteria Staffing

School cafeterias have transformed from places of shortages and high turnover to potential staffing surpluses with the absence of students. In effect, as so many of our amazing directors and school lunch staff have dedicated themselves to continuing foodservice — especially to those who most need it — our school nutrition workers have assumed the roles of frontline workers. They’re doing much more than serving meals. They’re supporting our communities.

Inside the kitchen, the right equipment can help support them, the Blodgett DFG Series convection oven has superior construction that includes hassle-free doors and a double-porcelainized interior that prevents hidden rust. This oven eliminates many of the problems that persist with the competition.

Space In School Cafeterias Is At A Premium

When it comes to school cafeteria kitchens, space is often an issue. One school may allow for more verticality than another, while one kitchen may have a larger footprint than the one down the street.

Having the ability to still incorporate high-quality convection cooking capabilities is something every kitchen wants, regardless of space. With Blodgett’s DFG Series, there are units for just about any size operation, from half-size and economy units to midsize and premium. A kitchen’s space shouldn’t limit the type of capabilities it can provide. The Blodgett DFG series is still producing one of the lowest vertical heights on the market today. The double stack unit easily fits under low hood heights making it one of the most sought after ovens on the market.

Cooking Equipment That Lasts

When foodservice equipment is manufactured with superior quality, it ultimately means it will last longer in the kitchen creating a more substantial return on investment. That’s certainly the case with Blodgett’s superior workmanship and materials including fully-welded, extruded-angle iron frames that keep all ovens square and true.


Made for the rigorous, day-to-day use of school cafeterias, the DFG series convection ovens will provide better and longer lifetime performance than other competing units. These ovens are at the head-of-the-class when it comes to performance in school cafeterias, and Blodgett has a five-year warranty on DFG ovens to back these claims.

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