With more than 45 years of experience in the bacon, cooked meat and cheese slicing industries, Thurne
is renowned for innovative slicing systems that increase yields and productivity in processing plants
around the world. Outstanding slice consistency and quality without thick, thin, or sliver slices greatly
enhance consumer appeal with far less rework and lower manning levels required to achieve the highest
presentation standards.

No matter if producing fixed weight shingled drafts or food service layout and stand-up packs, Thurne
slicers benefit from modular build, making your investment future-proof, and can be integrated with
upstream and downstream equipment to achieve optimum performance and presentation.

Equipment conforms to stringent AMI and European safety standards, including CE certification. Slicers
open to reveal all working parts for quick inspection, easy maintenance and fast, thorough cleaning.

For PROCESSED MEAT AND CHEESE SLICING, high versatility is ensured by a wide range of product
applications and pack formats, with the option to expand capabilities by retrofitting interleaver and
variety conveyors to respond to changes in demand.

In BACON SLICING, IBS 2000 Select covers all common US retail and food service bacon pack formats,
including carded and stand-up drafts. A selection of vision and grading options enables the slicer to
deliver consistent performance, combining high throughput, maximum first time on weights and low

Thurne is revolutionizing PRECOOKED BACON SLICING with IBS4600, the world’s first slicer to
incorporate four independent feeds and blades with vision technology, offering unparalleled consistency
in cooked slice presentation and quality.