Facility Automation & Equipment Sanitation

Efficient, automated material handling from the beginning to the end of the production line.  Human contact is decreased and safety increased in all environments.  Dependable, consistent repeatability. Tailor made Automated Guided Vehicles are designed and created based on the customer’s needs to transfer product and are integral to product manufacture. Global leaders in the design and production of Installations to increase sanitary production with a reduction of labor.  The most advanced technology for industrial washing systems in multiple sectors.  A safer design and easier cleaning is provided.

1 - Colussi Ermes Advanced Washing Systems

Colussi Ermes is global leader in the design and production of washing machines for the food industry, having realized over 6000 machines worldwide.

2 - Key-Log Automated Logistic Solutions

Key-Log is a leading company in custom industrial automation, roller conveyors, pallets transport and plastic boxes and/or cardboard boxes of various sizes.

3 - Proxaut Automated Guided Vehicles

Proxaut is a leading manufacturer of Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for the food industry and industrial processing companies.

4 - Vemac AGV Robot Loading | Unloading

Ve.MA.C is a leading designer and manufacturer of handling, automation and robotics solutions for protein food processing lines. Over the years, Vemac has achieved highest levels of innovation, offering solutions tailored to each individual product including processing lines for pepperoni, fresh, salted, smoked and cured ham, fresh pork bellies, cubed bacon, mortadella, bresaola, and other meat processing.

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