Case Ready

This retail ready, pre-packaged beef and pork processing line utilizes a combination of new, innovative technologies to provide a high volume of well-presented packages. All common pack formats, from single steaks to shingles, ready for packing into trays. Delivers great first time on-weight performance and low giveaway for controlled weight portions and slice count minimizing giveaway and waste.
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Our Case Ready Brands

Thurne food processing equipment


Slicing Systems Bacon | Meat | Cheese
Danfotech food processing equipment


Meat Presses / Defrost Systems / Ham Process Systems / Press Towers
CV-Tek food processing equipment


Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Scanico food processing equipment. Our chillers save space and time, cooling the equivalent pounds per hour of conventional holding coolers with faster chill times and less shrinkage allowing you to process more batches per day.


Freeze | Chill | Steam | Proof
Colussi Ermes food processing equipment

Colussi Ermes

Advanced Washing Systems
Key-Log food processing equipment. Enhance your logistics with our fast and reliable custom systems, designed to handle internal and end-of-line goods and products efficiently.


Automated Logistic Solutions

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