Industrial Baking

Providing reliable low and high-volume production solutions for bread, rolls and buns, as well as cakes, biscuits, cereal, baked snacks and much more. Our range covers all industrial baking processes, from dough mixing, feeding and forming, laminating and sheeting to baking and cooling, as well as automatic handling solutions for de-panning and feed to slicers and baggers, producing consistent products with a high-quality finish.

1 - Auto-Bake High Capacity Serpentine Solution for all Bakery Categories

High Capacity Serpentine Solution for all Bakery Categories

2 - Baker Thermal Solutions Proof | Bake | Cool

Baker Thermal Solutions offers an unmatched breadth of industrial bakery equipment with system solutions executed worldwide. We have a full range of aftermarket services from parts and inspections to on-site rebuilds for equipment with over 100 years of heritage.

3 - Burford Automated Bakery Equipment & Commercial Bag Closures

Burford is a global leader in innovating automated equipment for high-speed bread and bun lines as well as for a variety of bagged consumer goods requiring twist tie and tape closures.

4 - Escher Professional Mixers

Since its founding in 2000, Escher Mixers has provided innovative, high-quality products to the baking industry.

5 - GBT GmbH Bakery Technology German Baking Technology

GBT baking experts have decades of experience in high performance, large volume product systems for artisan and flat breads, sweet pastries, pizzas and other baked goods. The team develops full baking system solutions with make-ups, proofers, tunnel ovens, and conveyors based on robust German technologies for large industrial bakers around the world.

6 - Glimek Bread Dough Make-up Machinery

Glimek develops and manufactures high-quality bakery equipment including dividers, proofers, moulders, hoists, hoppers, and other auxiliary bakery equipment.

7 - Hinds-Bock Fill | Deposit | Portion | Pump

Industrial food equipment for depositing, portioning, filling and pumping everything from smooth sauces to chunky deli salads, fillings and ready meals.

8 - Inline Filling Systems Liquid Packaging Systems

Inline Filling Systems is an American manufacturer who has been in business for more than 20 years and dedicated to manufacturing intelligent, elegantly designed and high-quality liquid packaging machinery.

9 - Pacproinc Interleavers | Stackers Interleaving Materials

Packaging Progressions is the market leader in automated packaging technologies for customers in the protein and bakery segments.

10 - Scanico Freeze | Chill | Steam | Proof

Scanico A/S is one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient impingement and spiral systems. It has designed and constructed spiral systems for different purposes for the world’s leading food-processing companies for more than 25 years. Scanico has the qualifications to offer optimal solutions including IQF freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing with products like the TwinImp Impingement Freezer.

11 - Spooner Vicars Complete Biscuit and Cracker Solutions

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems can offer a complete turnkey solution to its customers, starting from the initial bakery plant design to full installation and commissioning of the equipment.

12 - Stewart Systems High Capacity Bread and Bun Conveyorized Systems

Stewart Systems offers a complete line of equipment from unit machinery to total integrated systems and strives to provide the lowest cost of ownership and an outstanding user experience.

13 - Sveba Dahlen Professional Baking Machinery

Sveba Dahlen, established in Sweden in 1948, manufactures high-quality and user-friendly baking ovens and baking equipment for every type of business and requirement.

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