Processing & Preparation

Rugged, reliable equipment to treat raw proteins including meat, hams and coated convenience foods, from the automatic defrosting, grinding, injecting or emulsion of bulk ingredients to the production of sausages and formed products.  Wet and dry coatings such as breadcrumbs and batter exceed quality and yield specifications. Continuous, customized processing lines ensure efficiency and savings in time and manpower while delivering a high-quality end product with consistent texture, flavor, and aesthetic.

1 - Cozzini Transport | Grind | Mix Brine | Massage | Emulsify

Spanning 100 years, Cozzini has evolved from our corner shop heritage to that of an ongoing business partner. Today our professional expertise and our ability to share information and work together across multiple locations makes Cozzini a more powerful company that can make your business more productive..

2 - Danfotech Meat Presses / Defrost Systems / Ham Process Systems / Press Towers

Danfotech develops, produces, installs and services a wide range of machinery and specialized equipment for the food processing industry: bacon presses, defrosting lines, massaging tumblers, ham production lines, tenderizers and loading / unloading systems built around cook tanks or ovens. Home of the Shapetec 4 directional servo press.

3 - Filtration Automation Industrial Filtration with Micron-Pro

Filtration Automation Hot Oil Solution - safe, environmentally friendly and globally accepted. Complete oil management with crumb and oil recovery.

4 - Hinds-Bock Fill | Deposit | Portion | Pump

Industrial food equipment for depositing, portioning, filling and pumping everything from smooth sauces to chunky deli salads, fillings and ready meals.

5 - MP Equipment Portion | Form Batter | Bread | Fry

With more than 40 years of commitment to the further processing industry, processors depend on MP Equipment to bring them superior engineering, innovation and reliability. MP Equipment continually provides efficient solutions to your further processing challenges.

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