Biscuits & Crackers

Quality production equipment for the high speed, precise processing of Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Cereal, Potato Snacks and Pet Foods through laminated sheeting, moulding and wire cut/coextrusion.  Moulders offer unrivaled hygiene, flexibility and accuracy. Sheeting Lines are specifically designed for consistent sheet thickness, reliable performance and baking conditions resulting in a premium final product.  The reduction of labor and product changeover times are an integral part of equipment engineering criteria.
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Our Biscuits & Crackers Brands

Spooner Vicars food processing equipment

Spooner Vicars

Complete Biscuit and Cracker Solutions
Sveba Dahlen food processing equipment

Sveba Dahlen

Professional Baking Machinery


Automated Guided Vehicles
Scanico food processing equipment. Our chillers save space and time, cooling the equivalent pounds per hour of conventional holding coolers with faster chill times and less shrinkage allowing you to process more batches per day.


Freeze | Chill | Steam | Proof
Colussi Ermes food processing equipment

Colussi Ermes

Advanced Washing Systems
Key-Log food processing equipment. Enhance your logistics with our fast and reliable custom systems, designed to handle internal and end-of-line goods and products efficiently.


Automated Logistic Solutions

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