Thermal Processing

Innovative cooking technologies heat and cool at accurate temperatures for safe, flavorful appetizing products appealing to all the senses.  Extensive advanced technologies for continuous and batch thermal processing of smoked, baked and cooked food products, from hot dogs, bacon, poultry, ham and luncheon meat to ready meals. Our industry leading systems feature efficient cooking, smoking, chilling and pasteurization of protein and meat products, as well as fully automated, continuous shaping, cooking and chilling of cooked meats, including deli meat, slicing logs and co-extruded sausages. Further equipment in the range covers drying, maturing and thawing processes.

1 - Alkar Cook | Chill | Smoke Roast | Pasteurize

ALKAR offers the world’s most extensive line of Continuous Thermal Meat Processing Systems for cooking, smoking, chilling and pasteurization.

2 - Armor Inox Automated Cook Chill | Ham Sous Vide

The industry has recognized Armor Inox as the worldwide proven solution for continuous, fully automated thermal processing applications of cooked meat, both deli and slicing logs and ready meals. High output shaping and cooking/chilling technology delivers dependable, consistent flow of products at the lowest operation costs.

3 - Maurer-Atmos Defrost | Cook | Chill Smoke | Roast | Pasteurize | Dry | Mature

Maurer-Atmos, with Ve.Ma.C, is the leading company in automated solutions for smoking, cooking, baking, fermenting, chilling, pasteurizing, drying, maturing, thawing and batch systems. Maurer has over 70,000 installations in more than 90 countries. As a global technology partner, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly thermoprocessing systems are provided for the various applications in the protein industry.

4 - Scanico Freeze | Chill | Steam | Proof

Scanico A/S is one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient impingement and spiral systems. It has designed and constructed spiral systems for different purposes for the world’s leading food-processing companies for more than 25 years. Scanico has the qualifications to offer optimal solutions including IQF freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing with products like the TwinImp Impingement Freezer.

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