Slicing, Loading, & Packaging

Automatically transfer product for optimal customer presentation, safety, sanitation, and efficiency.  Integrated equipment precisely measures, decreases waste, and improves shelf life. High performance slicing systems for processed meat, bacon and cheese use vision and scanning technology to ensure maximum yields. Cylindrical food products such as sausages and cheese sticks are hygienically sorted, aligned, and loaded in preparation for packaging. Form–fill-seal equipment enables the packing of meat, poultry and cheese into vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging.

1 - CV-Tek Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Whether you are interested in food packaging machines for meat, cheese, nuts, CV-TEK has your food packaging machine solution.

2 - Drake Align | Convey / Autoload

Globally leading the way in preparation for packaging with all configurations of systems that align, convey, and load food products. Maximum yields are achieved while maintaining product integrity and aesthetics. Using patented technology, Drake is the only company offering systems to load frankfurters, sausages, cheese sticks, and other products.

3 - Pacproinc Interleavers | Stackers Interleaving Materials

Packaging Progressions is the market leader in automated packaging technologies for customers in the protein and bakery segments.

4 - RapidPak Rollstock Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

RapidPak’s remarkable innovation paved the way to a rich mix of technological breakthroughs that revolutionized packaging speeds and established unprecedented levels of sanitation. Over three decades, RapidPak has developed the most effective and efficient operation of horizontal form-fill-seal equipment. Designing side extractable forming and sealing dies, confirmation stations, and plug assists— along with lifting systems—enabled easy access to all equipment functions.

5 - Thurne Slicing Systems Bacon | Meat | Cheese

With more than 45 years of experience in the bacon, cooked meat and cheese slicing industries, Thurne is renowned for innovative slicing systems that increase yields and productivity in processing plants around the world. Outstanding slice consistency and quality without thick, thin or sliver slices greatly enhance consumer appeal with far less rework and lower manning levels required to achieve the highest presentation standards.

6 - VisionPak Premier Thermoforming Solutions

Founded in 2003 to design and manufacture innovative packaging equipment with a focus on providing technological solutions facing the packaging industry, specifically within the food industry.

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