Food Processing


Scanico is a leading supplier of highly efficient impingement (patented) and spiral systems – freezers,
chillers, and steamers / pasteurizers – for all types of products in the world of food-processing. Scanico
has delivered innovative solutions to customer needs since 1989, focusing on development and
manufacture of high-quality industrial freezing and chilling systems for meat, poultry, seafood, dairy,
and convenience foods. Scanico technology adds value to production plants throughout the world.

Customized systems are designed to ensure high quality and productivity featuring:

• Unique airflow for quick freezing and reduced product dehydration
• Energy efficiency
• Sanitary design
• Highest production uptime between defrosts

The Scanico spiral system is the most flexible solution for freezing, chilling, proofing and steaming /
pasteurizing. It can be adapted to fit almost any processing line. The use of stainless steel and foodstuffapproved plastic for all surfaces with direct product contact ensures a high hygiene standard.

In addition to standard non-stacking spiral systems, the unique Scanico Single Stacking Spiral with the
following added benefits is available:

• The most energy-effective, compact spiral freezer on the market
• Full space between the tiers available for products
• No risk of product jam, less waste and maximum uptime
• Less cleaning due to fewer belt supports

With a Scanico TwinImp impingement freezer, the freezing and chilling times are equal to cryogenic
methods. This is ideal for crust-freezing of freezing thin products and for most chilling applications with
these advantages:

• Better product quality, appearance, and yield
• Minimum product dehydration
• Maximum capacity in minimum space
• Higher degree of food safety
• Low operating costs