Food Processing


Danfotech develops, produces, installs and services a wide range of machinery and specialized
equipment for the food processing industry: bacon presses, defrosting lines, massaging tumblers, ham
production lines, tenderizers and loading / unloading systems built around cook tanks or ovens.

Bacon Presses - Optimize slicing yields by maintaining uniformity of bacon bellies.

• Capable of pressing from 8 to 18 bellies per minute
• Ideal compacting temperatures of 16°-19° F (-7° to -9° C)
• Die set sizes and shapes based on customer requirements
• Fully automated loading and unloading option for all presses

Defrost Systems - The automated thawing system involves dividing frozen meat blocks and transporting
them to a temperature controlled tumbler unit. Frozen blocks can be separated into single whole
muscles without damaging the fibers or membranes.

• Preserve the quality of the meat
• No dripping or protein loss during thawing
• Shorter processing times mean lower risk of introducing bacterial contamination
• Transport systems can load a row of tumbler units with product to be thawed
• Transfer thawed product directly to injection and tenderizing, tumbling or stuffing

Ham Production Lines - The fully automated HPT ham production system ensures efficiency and savings
in manpower.

• The only manual operation is placing ham into the molds
• Gain a 40% capacity increase from your existing cooking / cooling equipment
• Produce up to 300,000 lbs. of ham per day