Food Processing

Armor Inox

Armor Inox is the worldwide proven solution for continuous, fully automated thermal processing
applications of cooked meat, both deli / slicing logs and ready meals. High output shaping and cooking /
chilling technology delivers dependable, consistent flow of products at the lowest operation costs.

The Thermix system is a fully integrated solution to automatically shape, cook, chill, and move cooked
meat within the processing system. With the Armor Inox system, processors can produce from 20 to 200
metric tons per day with as little as 2 employees. High output is combined with production flexibility,
performance and low operation costs including energy savings. Food safety is ensured with complete
product traceability.

• The modular Thermix processing system allows total control of the product cook, cool and
chill process cycles for consistent repeated results, ensuring the highest consistent yields.
• Multimolds technology shapes and molds product with consistent, accurate, and optimal
product dimensions, providing superior finished products and the highest slicing yields.
• The Logi-Flex system provides a large variety of handling solutions, from molding to finished
product unloading to slicers, racks or pallet.

A Thermix Sous Vide System covers a large range of possibilities for RTE foods: ready meals, cooked
meat, beef, pork, chicken, fish / seafood, eggs and vegetable that can be differentiated through various
processes before being packaged. Fresh, safe, and natural organic products of superior quality,
convenient and proven shelf life at the lowest operating cost. The automated system works
continuously at a steady pace of 1,000 to 10,000 pounds/hour with various levels of handling
automation delivering constant flow. Three Thermix models cover all needs: 3 to 10 tons/day, 10 to 30
tons/day, 30 tons/day and up.

Armor Inox, the most recognized name in sous vide automated cooking and chilling systems with more
than 150 Thermix™ systems in operation worldwide - proven reliability for over 20 years.
The Thermix System’s streamlined design results in exceptionally low maintenance costs.