Ghost Kitchens

We welcome from Kitchen United, the Director of Kitchen Design, Matt Maroni to the Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast today to talk about Ghost Kitchens. He says of this exploding trend, “technology is definitely something to keep an eye on” and the majority of what he is building are small-format kitchens with big kitchen expectations when it comes to output and flexibility. The big chains to the mom and pops are compressing their space and expanding their menus. According to Matt, it’s a digital delivery and carry out customer now, and we have to think digitally. Also, Shawn Lange, President of robotics company L2f and our ventless expert Scott Heim weigh in on what they are seeing in the marketplace as well. How do you execute at a high volume level in this compressed space? Give it a listen to find out…and for one lucky listener we have a Viking carving set with your name on it, we will pick a winner from shares, tags and the below comments.