Challenge Meets Opportunity

Show Notes

In this episode of The Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast, we begin a multi-part series featuring restaurant owners from across the country, who share stories of their restaurant operations during the unprecedented time of COVID-19. Operators are forced to focus on what they can do in the current environment while abiding by never-before-experienced restrictions. There is tremendous community support for operators who have brought new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to their business, but there continues to be a great impact on restaurants, chefs, hospitality and food service industries. Our guests offer up their tips on not only adapting, but thriving in this challenging time. In this episode we meet Michelle, owner of Darcy’s Cafe in Grand Forks, North Dakota, not far from the Canadian border. In her café, with an NYC- trained chef in the kitchen, the community has rallied around her as she reinvented her business and posted a viral thank you video. She shares the changes she made to keep serving the community, and most important, her entire staff employed. Also joining us is David Abi, a multi brand President at Middleby, who shares a few innovations that are essential in the world of delivery and carry out.