Middleby Brazil Recognized as The Best Foodservice Company in Brazil

Mar. 1, 2019
Middleby Brazil was recognized as the best Food Service company in Brazil by SINDAL, the Brazilian Food Service Association, in a ceremony held on January 25.

This award honors companies that manufacture and sell machinery, equipment, products and stainless steel furniture for professional kitchens and the foodservice market.

This award promotes, supports and rewards entrepreneurship in the equipment sector for out-of-home food services and to publicize and publicly recognize the successful companies that are responsible for the accelerated development of this great market.

“It was very nice to know that we are making a difference in such a tough and competitive market,” said Jesus Guerrero, President of Middleby Latin America. “Our Team is working hard every day to honor Middleby’s core values. I am very proud of leading such a great Team of professionals.”

The selection criterion of the winning companies is the successful and innovative practices implemented in their organizations, with impact on training, quality and productivity – besides the involvement with sustainability and social demands.