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Middleby Brands Selected for Eight 2024 Kitchen Innovations Awards

Apr. 11, 2024
Eight Middleby brand innovations have been selected as recipients of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations (KI) Awards which will be showcased in the KI Showroom at the 2024 National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

“At Middleby, we are about creating innovation for our customers, across all areas of their business to address current and future industry trends,” said James K. Pool III, Middleby Chief Operations and Technology Officer. “From Robotics to IoT, Middleby is on the cutting edge of what’s next in the foodservice industry.”

A panel of judges with industry expertise selected the eight Middleby products in a variety of categories including cooking, mixing, robotics, ventless technologies, frying and beverage dispense. The Middleby innovation recognized for the 2024 KI Award are:

· The Blodgett ImVection ventless oven provides a selection of either convection or impingement cooking in its four chambers. Cooking is selected manually or through menu programming with a single touchscreen controller. A sophisticated patent-pending motorized “shuffling jet plate” system aligns air holes for the cooking selected. ImVection | Blodgett Ovens

· The Evo EVent® Open Canopy Hood has redefined the limits of ventless cooking by using ozone and cyclonic separation to remove grease in the cooking process. The hood removes laden vapors so effectively that it can accommodate high volume ventless frying and cooking proteins simultaneously. The unit is UL-approved for use with electric cooking equipment including fryers, griddles, ovens, broilers and more. EVent Open Canopy Hood

· The Lab2Fab PizzaBot™ automates the pizza making process from formed dough with the application of sauce and toppings then to baking. PizzaBot™ adds toppings such as sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage and more accurately and quickly. The result is a better and more consistent pizza pie with less food waste and reduced labor needs. PizzaBot | L2F

· Newton Discrete CFV (Constant Flow Valve) is a new plug and play retrofit for conventional ceramic-based flow control valves providing a fixed flow rate, a factory set ratio that does not require calibration and does not drift. The improvement in beverage quality, reduction in waste, and service savings are significant improvements for the end users. Newton CFV

· The Pitco TorQ fryer highlights a combination of attributes. First, a pivoting filter arm raises the filter up out of the oil, making for quick, easy filter changes and reduced downtime. In addition, forced convection creates efficient heating and reduced recovery and cook times, while continuous filtration also reduces labor and extends oil life, while a specialty tank wash/drain system neatly gathers particulates and flushes them efficiently. TorQ – Pitco

· The Varimixer ERGO Series is an ergonomic, innovative and easy to maintain mixer with a touch screen display, customizable recipes and a waterproof IP rating which allows the entire unit to be hosed down after use without damage to the display, internal electronics or causing rust. The unit allows for automated recipe programming as well. ERGO by Varimixer

· Cervizi from Wild Goose Filling transforms the beer dispensing experience for bartenders, customers, and bar owners. Alleviating inefficiencies of traditional draft beer systems, Cervizi reduces product waste, improves service efficiency and offers data to streamline business operations and increase revenue. Cervizi – Beer a Better Way

· The M5 Bargun from Wunder-Bar is lighter weight with ergonomic contours, faster flow rates, and accurate no-drift controls. The unit increases performance 67% to 2.5 oz/second over the typical 1.5 oz pour. The M5 manifold incorporates CFV technology for factory set consistent ratios and eliminates the need for adjustment. M5 Bargun

See these honorees in the KI Pavilion in the South Hall of McCormick Place and visit Middleby at booth 4200 for everything innovation.