Ghost Kitchen Brochure

May. 6, 2020
A ghost kitchen, also known as a “cloud” or “virtual” kitchen, is a professional food facility designed and built to prep and cook meals primarily for pick up and delivery.

Since ghost kitchens are not designed for a customer dine-in experience, they are often located in sub-prime real-estate locations and are inexpensive to build and operate. The main factor in cost reduction is that constructing a dining room, which requires interior finishes, signage, and waitstaff is no longer needed.

Ghost kitchens can be brand specific, but many are designed to house multiple brands in one space to facilitate easier
pick up and delivery of meals by third parties such as DoorDash™, GrubHub™, UberEats™, and many others. Data
from these third-party apps is often used to determine optimal location and brand mix. Delivery efficiency is maximized
while the customer can choose a wider variety of food with a single delivery fee.

Although this concept isn’t new, the market trend concepts created by third-party delivery apps ensure these spaces
flourish. Picking the right stand-alone, podular, or mobile kitchen designer and kitchen equipment company is more
important than ever. The Middleby Corporation has the tools and expertise to make your ghost kitchen a reality for
virtually every application.

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