Let The Wunder-Bar Bargun Help Your Sales and Your Employees

Every bartender knows that creating drinks as quickly as possible makes for a happy customer and more profits. According to Restaurant Report, a successful operation will generate around 25 percent of all profits from beverages alone. So what is one of the easiest ways to decrease wait times for customers while simultaneously increasing profits? With the Wunder-Bar Bargun.

Let’s start with a few common challenges.

Are you still stacking bottles in the backroom or looking for space for your order when the beverage delivery arrives? This is an issue that can lead to inefficient service, wasted product, and ultimately, lost profits. The Wunder-Bar Bargun system is an easy way to reduce or eliminate these challenges all together by providing the ability to use ten syrup reservoirs that can yield up to 1,200 liters of product. You’ll change empty reservoirs less often, and by changing syrup concentrations to a 1:6 ratio, you can reduce the volume of packaging bars produce.

Yes, helping the environment and becoming more efficient are all great benefits in a bar or restaurant, but the real reason to love a Wunder-Bar Bargun is for the fun.

Have More Fun Making Drinks

Wunder-Bar Cocktails

It’s much easier to have fun working if your tools are functional and high quality. The Wunder-Bar Bargun serves up to 14 different beverages giving your customers more choices. And you don’t have to limit the beverages served. The Wunder-Bar Bargun is perfect for the tonics, sodas, juices, and even energy drinks you’ll add to your great drink recipes. Made with patented hardened handles, the Bargun can withstand lots of use. And the stainless steel flex-hose design comes with a bar-mounted holster for easier access when the bar is hopping!

The Best In The Market

95% of the market has Wunder-Bar Barguns. Making them not only experts in the field but also the best at adding features they know bar employees appreciate. The BarGun works with any bag-in-box system, allows for an easy flow and has a consistent flow rate no matter the pressure variation. To add to that a nozzle cup for easy self-rinsing, simple removal for parts cleaning, various hose length based on your establishment’s needs, and backing from Middleby Corporation, and you know you’ve made the best choice.

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