Which TurboChef High Speed Oven Is Right for Me?

Space is a valuable commodity in a commercial kitchen. Not having enough room for equipment that can quickly produce orders can make or break a foodservice business. But space doesn’t have to restrict menu offerings. With a TurboChef ventless high speed oven, the opportunities are unlimited.

A Quick Look at Rapid Cooking

Rapid cooking allows foodservice operators of all types to deliver high-quality menu items in a fraction of the time. TurboChef ovens provide rapid cooking capabilities using a combination of air impingement, precise bursts of microwave, and/or convection technology.

Utilizing these three technologies, commercial foodservice operators can develop a diverse menu with decreased cook times and perfect results time and time again. But this isn’t the only great aspect of the capabilities of a rapid cook oven from TurboChef.

TurboChef High Speed Ovens Are Ventless

What’s better than an oven that can cook just about anything? An oven that can cook just about anywhere. As we said, finding a foodservice operation that isn’t limited by space is almost like a kid who doesn’t like pizza. When you can plug in a high speed oven on just about any countertop, you can also plug into profits.

Ventless ovens are the easiest way to turn typically unprofitable spaces into additional sales. TurboChef ventless ovens utilize an internal system to eliminate grease-filled air before it escapes the oven chamber. With units that are UL®-certified as ventless, all types of operations can implement a TurboChef rapid cook oven without a Type I or Type II hood and experience the benefits.

Searching for a ventless oven that’s large enough to cook many items simultaneously and is also automated? Look no further than the Plexor Automated Oven. With the ability to cook using impingement, rapid cook, and TurboVect in the same unit, it can prepare an entire menu. Easily customizable over time, the Plexor also cooks quickly for greater throughput and faster customer service.

Which TurboChef Rapid Cook Oven Is Right for Me?

It’s easier than ever to find the TurboChef high speed oven that’s right for your commercial kitchen:

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