Possibilities With Southbend TruVapor and TruVection Ovens

Customers have a pent-up desire to get out to restaurants and dine out safely. A report by a consumer insights group shows that 81% of respondents said the top thing taken away during the pandemic that gave them joy was dining out. 86% said the first thing they would do when the pandemic ended was going out to eat somewhere.

This demand to return to sit-down dining could slow down service and impact food quality, especially in fine dining establishments with deep menus.  Providing the right dining experience to customers not only means providing excellent customer service but also having the right equipment in the kitchen to produce a meal that will make great memories.

Menu Consistency

Customers love consistency. Being able to order the same meal every time you dine out and have it turn out the same way as the first time you ordered it is part of the dining experience. Having a meal that isn’t thoroughly cooked or is overcooked is a big disappointment. This not only can ruin a fine dining experience but also cause customers not to return, affecting your business’ bottom line.

Working With Limited Space

Cooking in smaller kitchens can hinder staff, especially if you don’t have equipment that serves multiple purposes. Add that on top of a higher demand once in-person dining resumes, which could be a combination for slower service. Having kitchen equipment that serves multiple duties is essential in commercial kitchens that don’t have much space. A large menu selection means needing enough oven space to cook multiple items and utilizing space not traditionally used for oven space.


Being able to cook different types of food in different ways can help kitchens serve a variety of foods quicker. Waiting on ovens to heat up and using multiple ovens to cook different kinds of food can slow down your kitchen’s flow.  Combination ovens allow commercial kitchens to cook foods with various methods that don’t affect the dishes’ outcome.

Southbend’s TruVection and TruVapor ovens can help kitchens with extensive menus cook food efficiently and consistently each time. TruVection is small enough to work on countertops, allowing foodservice operations to use spaces previously not considered for cooking. The TruVection can also be stacked three high, allowing for a range of food items cooking at the same time. The TruVapor oven can bake and steam, or a combination of both, and be configured for griddles, open flames or induction, giving more versatility in your kitchen’s output. The TruVection heats up quickly and is perfect for any commercial kitchen that regularly turns out a large production of food.

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