Versatility with Blodgett-Combi Hoodini Ventless Ovens

Running a commercial kitchen involves managing staff, balancing a budget, creating excellent meals, and juggling many different tasks at once. Having additional issues arise during the day is part of the job, but minimizing those issues can help make things run a little smoother.

One way to help minimize issues is to have the right equipment on hand. It will help make things more efficient for staff, lower costs, and get meals out the door much quicker. Blodgett-Combi ovens with Hoodini(™) Ventless technology can make life in the kitchen much more manageable and help bring in more profits without adding additional maintenance costs.

Kitchen Design Flexibility

Imagine having the option to design a kitchen in the best way for your business without worrying about where ventilation hoods can be installed. Or be able to work in a smaller space with less ceiling height needed for a hood. Having your kitchen laid out efficiently not only helps your staff complete their jobs quicker but, as a result, allows food to get from the kitchen to the customer in less time.

Blodgett Combi Mini at a Glance

Control Odors and Grease

Smell is one of the senses we use to enjoy a great meal. But the smells that come off a traditional commercial kitchen oven can sometimes overwhelm. Heat, grease and odors that get released from cooked foods eventually need to be cleaned off oven hoods and other surfaces. Which increases costs and labor time. Ventless technology allows for cooking, baking, and roasting any food. All while containing the odors and grease particles inside the unit.

Create A New Profit Center 

Finding extra profits in a restaurant is something that is constantly on the mind of operators and managers. With an average profit margin of 3-5%, finding new ways to increase profits may seem almost impossible. With food, labor, equipment and overhead costs, there doesn’t seem to be many places to cut from to make more money. Instead of thinking about cutting out something, consider adding a new profit center. Ventless ovens allow you to cook food in locations you didn’t imagine in the past. There are also no restrictions on the products and recipes you can prepare in a ventless oven. Any place you have room, water, a drain and an electrical outlet, you can add a ventless oven to create more profits.

Save Money


Not only can ventilation hoods be cumbersome, but they’re also costly. Exhaust systems can cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per linear foot to install, and that doesn’t include any additional work that may be needed based on the building’s configuration.  Commercial hoods also need to be cleaned several times a year and have their filters changed to ensure the hood continues to work correctly. All of this can add up and eat into a restaurant’s profits. All ventless ovens eliminate the need for an additional exhaust system and having a cumbersome hood. Depending on the ventless model, filters may also be eliminated therefore reducing regular maintenance and saving on additional labor costs. All Blodgett Combi ventless ovens with Hoddini™ are filter free.

Blodgett-Combi’s Hoodini ventless ovens offer restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities and any location with a foodservice operation more versatility in preparing food. With multiple rack timing, 9-speed reversible fan, a unique ventilation system that combines a catalytic converter with a condensing system, and full cooking abilities, the Hoodini ventless ovens are available in mini and full sizes and are perfect for any foodservice situation.

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