Versatile Cooking with the Southbend TruVection Convection Oven

The way appliances are laid out contributes to efficiency and is an integral part of having a functioning kitchen. Of equal importance is having machines that can serve multiple functions to help create memorable meals.

Southbend’s TruVection convection oven was created to support foodservice businesses with high volume food production and is versatile enough for whatever your commercial kitchen needs.

Space Saving and Adaptable

One of the biggest issues with a commercial kitchen is finding space for everything needed to serve customers. One survey shows that the average size for a restaurant kitchen is 1,051 square feet, which doesn’t seem like a lot of space to fit the right equipment. That’s not a problem with the TruVection commercial convection oven. The small footprint is perfect for tight kitchen spaces.

Being Safe

Keeping kitchen staff safe from accidents is important for labor reasons and also to help protect your business. According to FSR Magazine, the average cost of a worker’s compensation claim costs a restaurant over $45,000. And the top common restaurant injuries FSR says occur? Burns and strains. Ensuring that your kitchen has the proper equipment includes making sure that equipment is safe enough for your team.

The TruVection oven, when stacked even three high, is low enough to use the top racks without risk of straining or of having hot food spilling over the side during removal. There’s also thermal isolated door handles to reduce handle temperature and large windows that prevent grease buildup for a clear view of what’s cooking.

Cooking With Ease

Quick throughput and service can greatly impact restaurant profitability. Although the definition of “quick” will vary depending on if you have a quick service or a sit down restaurant, the customer’s perception of their wait time and the quality of the food helps determine their satisfaction and if they’ll return for another meal.

Size Options for Every Restaurant

TruVection allows you to stack up to three cavities high while keeping the overall height underTRUVECTION_COLLAGE 70,” letting all the racks in the oven be utilized for more cooking production while providing three separate temperature zones. The oven mixes hot air with cooler air for an evenly tempered environment. This yields an even bake, every time. With the ability to add an optional griddle, grill or worktop when the oven is used as a base, multiple dishes can be cooked at once providing more production in a small footprint.

Need more versatility in your lineup for new menu items? Look no further.

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