A Ventless Impingement Oven for Your K-12 Cafeteria

The top goal of any school nutrition director is to deliver high-quality, nutritious meals that taste good. When you consider the added challenge of shortened lunch periods, getting buy-in from students is even more difficult. For students that are forced to wait in long lines and then eat school-provided meals in a matter of minutes, the urge to bring lunch from home increases.

Successful school lunch service depends on student participation, and one of the easiest ways to lose them is to make them wait for long periods of time before eating. As we’ve all seen in our own local schools, students have less and less time to eat as schools become more crowded, which means it’s critical for school cafeteria staff to be quick and efficient with foodservice delivery.

One way to increase the speed of service is to utilize cooking processes that are faster without losing quality, and this is where impingement oven technology can help. Let’s consider impingement against the most traditional of ovens.

Convection ovens are often considered to be extremely important in schools, and while this is certainly true for many school nutrition directors, the convection way isn’t the only way. Impingement ovens are also an effective way to process high volumes of food while retaining quality in a cost-effective way.

Let’s break down and discuss the differences between impingement versus traditional ovens. In brief, impingement ovens tend to move hot air throughout the cooking chamber and around cooked foods. They can also focus heat directly onto the cooked product for shorter cook times. This means quality preservation with a faster processing period.

Middleby Marshall’s WOW! Impingement Ovens are a natural fit in K-12 cafeterias.

Middlby Marshall WOW! PS638E-V-1

The Middlby Marshall WOW! PS638E-V offers 30 percent faster bake times and 30 percent energy savings in a ventless footprint. While impingement ovens are often associated with the fast pizza production, inside school cafeterias they can be used for so much more.

The Middleby Marshall WOW! can be used as an air fryer to provide healthy versions of classic, kid favorites including French fries, chicken strips, and just about any other fried food that kids love. And let us reiterate… they’re ventless!

Looking for other ventless solutions in your K-12 cafeteria? Check out the Middleby Guide to Ventless Cooking.

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