Ventless Frying Anywhere With Perfect Fry

Over the past year, many businesses that served alcohol were required to start serving food to keep their doors open. As many of them discovered, offering food was a great way to keep customers there longer, increase customer satisfaction and an additional way to make money.

Building a kitchen out of nothing is an expensive venture since the cost of installing ventilation for traditional ovens and fryers is something that not every business can afford. The good news – those concerns and expenses are eliminated with Perfect Fry Company. Widely enjoyed and with a large profit margin for businesses, fried food is a great food offering to customers.

No Need To Vent

Installing hoods, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to operate traditional ovens in a commercial kitchen can be expensive, sometimes up to $25,000. This cost isn’t feasible for bars, ballparks, theaters, or other commercial foodservice operations that don’t need to serve a full fried menu. The solution? Perfect Fry is ventless, so you don’t need to have hoods and vents overhead while it’s operated. With a built-in fire suppression system and two-stage air filter (no oil odors!), Perfect Fry can go in places you never imagined you’d be able to fry food, including temporary locations, ghost kitchens, catering venues or any site where there’s limited space.

Quick Frying

Having a shorter wait time for food can help increase revenue. Not only because of customer satisfaction but also because they could order even more food and drinks. From calamari and fried veggies, fries and wings, Perfect Fry makes it easier than ever to offer a variety of food choices based on your customer’s tastes. And with no downtime between batches by using Rapid Cook, food can be served quicker since there’s no waiting for the oil to heat back up to temperature between each order.

Easy And Safe For Employees

Traditionally frying food has required having an employee who has been trained for many hoursPerfect Fry _PFA_Front monitor the fryer. Not fully training an employee and putting them at a traditional fryer will produce food that is not correctly cooked and is a safety hazard as hot oil can splash, causing potential burns and slip and fall accidents. With the Perfect Fry, these concerns go out the window.

Preset buttons allow any employee to operate the Perfect Fry, allowing them to concentrate on servicing customers and upselling, not monitoring the frying process. If your business has a full kitchen but you want to add gluten free fried options, the Perfect Fry is an excellent solution after the dinner rush. Have a ballpark concession stand where parents work to help raise money for their child’s little league team? You don’t need to have any worries about selling hot fried food safely. Perfect Fry is also easy to clean, making it simple to maintain and change out the oil.

Learn how Perfect Fry can help your business create an extra profit center where you never imagined frying food before!

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