The Power of Immersion Therapy

Having the right tools to execute meals in a commercial kitchen is important, not just for speed but also for the quality of the food being served. One tool that is a must-have in any foodservice business is a commercial immersion blender. Blend, puree, and emulsify anywhere in the kitchen using a heavy-duty immersion blender designed to withstand the rigors of a busy operation. With a Globe commercial immersion blender, kitchens get the power and performance needed to create amazing dishes.


Versatile For All Commercial Kitchen Needs

Available in five different models, Globe immersion blenders can mix anything you’re working with. The powerful motor ensures everything is blended to perfection, no matter if you’re whipping, blending, puréeing, or emulsifying. The interchangeable attachments, available in different heights, require no tools. They’re also dishwasher safe, for fast, easy cleanup. A variable speed motor with plenty of wattage and horsepower allows for flexibility and control as you blend while the interlocked power switch provides protection for the operator. And with a 7.5 foot power cord, the Globe commercial blender goes anywhere in the kitchen, eliminating the need to move heavy pots and pans around.

Immersion Blender Sell Sheet

Create A Variety Of Dishes

Immersion blenders aren’t just for blending! Having a commercial stick blender can help your kitchen create a variety of different dishes with whipped elements. To help with batch cooking, whip creams for toppings, eggs for brunch, or potatoes for dinners and holidays. Blend soups made from scratch for smoothness or to incorporate ingredients. Sauces and condiments like aioli, gravy, and pesto are also easier to blend together with a commercial immersion blender. No matter the size of the job, Globe has your kitchen covered.

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