Using Blodgett Combi Ovens To Prepare Thanksgiving Meals

The end of the year is the busiest time of year for most commercial kitchens. This doesn’t only apply to restaurants though. Schools, healthcare facilities, and retail facilities all prepare Thanksgiving meals for their students, staff, and customers. The extra preparation can impact other operations of the business, if not done correctly. Handling a busy kitchen during holidays without increasing labor is possible with Blodgett Combi ovens.

Multiple Cooking Methods in One Oven

Roasting, steaming, and baking are all part of the holiday season. Preparing turkeys, roasts, pies, rolls, and vegetables doesn’t mean you need to rely on multiple appliances. Blodgett Combi ovens combine form and function by allowing chefs to have the availability of multiple cooking methods, all in one oven. There are two shelf spacing options for all models for better results, based on how your kitchen cooks. By operating in convection mode, steam mode, or a combination of the two, the ability to use one appliance to cook delicate pastries, steam potatoes, and cook an overnight roast gives kitchens more flexibility in one piece of equipment.

With two manual levels of humidity control, chefs can maintain the best environment for holiday foods. CombiSmart produces a consistent level of humidity giving greater control with nine fan speeds, perfect for the chef who wants to oversee humidity along with the browning of a turkey. With CombiOptima, humidity levels are automatically measured and controlled in the oven, which is perfect for sides that don’t require as much precise control. 

Help With Labor During Busiest Seasons

Having cooking presets to help with labor can make the holidays in your commercial kitchen run smoother. Instead of having to manually set the time, temperature, and humidity on every batch of sides, staff can rely on the cooking presets of Blodgett Combi to do the work for them. Being able to choose from grilling, steaming, braising, or browning with little monitoring allows staff to concentrate on other tasks that can increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. 

Standard on all Blodgett Combi ovens, the programmable Combi touchscreen allows employees to set temperature and humidity levels, pre-set functions such as grilling and baking, and use rack timers to cook any product that uses the same cooking mode and temperature. There’s also an automatic washing cycle where staff can select the level of cleaning and walk away, saving even more time at the end of the night and ensuring staff has a clean, sanitary oven every morning. 

Batch cooking also helps with labor. Cooking food in advance, chilling safely, and bringing food back to temperature is easy with Blodgett Combi. Not only does batch cooking help kitchen staff, but also eliminates the need to have extra employees on hand on holidays just for food prep. With everything done in advance, you’ll need fewer people in the kitchen.

Increase Service and Profits Blodget Combi oven Universal model

Getting meals on the table or out the door quickly is the goal of every restaurant. During the holidays, this is even more important to serve more customers. By using a perfected level of humidity, Blodgett Combi cooks meals faster than conventional convection ovens. This helps kitchen staff plate food quicker without constant monitoring.  The adjustable humidity helps Thanksgiving foods like turkey and mashed potatoes retain moisture and not dry out. Plus, the automatic auto-reversing fan helps with everything from the gentlest of cooking to obtaining color and evenness, no matter the dish being prepared. 

The Universal Combi line makes it possible to stack two units so kitchens can double their cooking capacity while saving on valuable kitchen floor space. 


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