Using A Southbend Convection Oven To Feed Students Nutritious Meals

Getting students fed quickly and on-schedule is key to a successful school cafeteria, and that’s nearly impossible without a reliable convection oven.  Southbend convection ovens have the features necessary to keep a busy school kitchen moving. Southbend can help schools cook and bake to perfection every time with even cooking, soft heat mixing technology, and energy efficiency.

Low Profile and Stackable Convection Oven

Preparing breakfast and lunches for hundreds, or in some instances, thousands, of students is a challenge in smaller kitchens.Southbend K-Series High volume needs with limited space calls for using ovens that not only cook quickly, but also have a lower profile. Southbend ovens fit the bill. Don’t let the term ‘low-profile’ fool you, though. With a standard depth to accommodate standard pans of pizza, mac and cheese, or hamburgers, Southbend convection ovens for schools allow staff to produce different foods at different temperatures at the same time. Helping with not only production but also keeping allergens separated to prevent cross-contamination. While all Southbend convection ovens are low profile, the K-Series ovens come in standard depth and are available in single or double decks.

Keep Up With Busy School Kitchens

School cafeterias need to be ready to produce large numbers of meals. Southbend convection ovens offer a quick recovery, especially important for schools that have multiple serving times. Able to accommodate multiple sheet pans at once, Southbend ovens allow schools to prepare multiple menu items at one time. Having a commercial oven that can keep up is crucial for a productive school kitchen. With stay-cool heavy-duty door handles, high-efficiency heating elements, and stackable to help with batch cooking, Southbend’s K-Series convection ovens can stand up to the test. And with a 3-year part and labor warranty for schools and universities, they can stand up to the test. 

Serve Nutritious Meals 

Getting nutritious breakfast and lunches to students that they want to eat is the primary goal of cafeteria staff. Southbend convection ovens can cook a variety of foods to help achieve that goal. Bake and cook evenly with tempered air that mixes hot air with cooler air, while the patented in-shot burner system provides high-powered BTUs to meet the demands of school cafeterias of any size. And designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Southbend convection ovens’ factory sealed doors and two-stage door sealing system keeps heat where it belongs. 


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