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Sometimes all it takes is a little visualization to see the possibilities in a situation, so let’s give it a try.

Imagine a trip to Las Vegas with your spouse or with a date. You’re there to celebrate a new job or an anniversary or a second marriage conducted by Elvis. To kick off the weekend of festivities, you head down to the fancy lounge adjacent to the casino. At the bar, you order a bottle of bubbly. The bartender brings it over, pops the cork, and pours a glass for each of you. Then, he puts the bottle down into the bar. The bottle literally descends into the surface in front of you.

“What brings you to Las Vegas?” he says.

“We’re celebrating our anniversary.”

“Lovebirds! How about a little red for you, then.”

The bartender taps the shiny ring around your bottle of champagne, and the entire display suddenly shifts to a red glow in honor of your emotions. The color fits the mood. The mood becomes an experience. The experience becomes a memory, and that memory is what fuels customer satisfaction. This is exactly what a U-Chill unit from U-Line can provide.

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The Importance of Experiential Food and Beverage

Before the coronavirus pandemic, more and more customers craved food and beverage experiences that go beyond just flavor and taste. In the craft beverage world, cocktails created in intricate, whimsical fashions right in front of your face have helped make craft cocktail bars so popular. These types of operations generate interest, publicity, and profits.

With U-Chill, you get the perfect serving companion while guests enjoy an interactive experience and the power to control it. Designed as an in-counter cooling cylinder, bottles of wine, champagne, craft beer, carafes, spirits, or even high-end water bottles can be placed directly into the cylinder , where they’re maintaining their temperature. This means the first glass is the same temperature as the last.

What about the experience we talked about above? With U-Line’s U-Chill, you control the mood. Just tap the polished stainless steel crown on the product three times to choose from 27 different color options that will gently light your bottle, or tap it four times, and let the colors flow.

Install U-Chill just about anywhere.

U-Chill’s innovative design allows them to be installed — simply — just about anywhere. Not looking for the in-bar application? All you need is a six-inch opening and an electrical outlet, and U-Chill can be installed in a breakfast nook, kitchen island, sofa, bathroom, restaurant table, or pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

U-Chill™ is an in-counter cooling cylinder that maintains the temperature of chilled beverages while you enjoy them. Perfect for wine, champagne, craft beer, carafes, bottled water, spirits, and other beverages. Integrates beautifully in homes, hotels, restaurant lounges, suites, bars, serving stations, kitchens, bathrooms, tables, or just about anywhere.

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