Two Things You Didn’t Know About the Doyon Countertop Ventless Pizza Oven

Often at the top of the most popular food choices, pizza is a staple on menus around the country. And it’s not only a popular selection in pizzerias. Schools, bowling alleys, movie theaters, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, and many other foodservice businesses serve pizza. While some may have space to accommodate a large commercial pizza oven, some have limited space. With a Doyon RPO3 Ventless Pizza Oven, concerns about space and oven location disappear.

1. Cook Three Pizzas In Under Five Minutes

Don’t judge this oven by its size. Small but mighty, the Doyon RPO3 can cook three pizzas at a time in under five minutes. This little oven can work, and it can produce in a lot of different ways.

Listed at 27.5 inches high by 34 inches deep and 28.5 inches high, this ventless convection oven includes three rotating decks made of perforated nickel. They’re coupled with a reversing fan system that swirls the air around in just the right ways to create the perfectly cooked pizza with a nice, crunchy crust. Able to be placed on a countertop and ventless, the RPO3 allows any establishment to bake pizzas anywhere there’s space, eliminating the need for vents, inspections, or additional costs.

2. But It Cooks More Than Pizza

Although it’s categorized as a commercial pizza oven, the RPO3 can cook a lot more than just pies. Easily bake chicken wings, quick breads, heat up pastries, or finish off the tops of dishes like soups and nachos. Add some variety to your menu!

No matter what you’re cooking up, the RPO3 Ventless Pizza Oven works in the back-of-the-house, the front-of-the-house, or anywhere in between. This allows foodservice operations to turn unused space into profits. With ventless equipment, operators can take advantage of other revenue drivers, whether it be through menu expansion or adding a delivery component to your operation.

Add a TRIO to your foodservice equipment line-up today!

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