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One of the most exciting parts of a summertime trip is stocking up on snacks before you hit the road. Convenience stores not only offer chips, hot dogs, and candy, but now many are also offering soft serve ice cream in their locations. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, Americans consume $11 million of ice cream per year, with the most enjoyed between March and July.

Adding Taylor Soft Serve equipment to your c-store lineup helps your customers grab a favorite comfort food while increasing your profits beyond the pump.

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Taylor offers multiple types of frozen dessert freezers to provide your customers with an endlessTaylor C_C161 array of treats. The soft serve product line offers options from single flavor, twin twist, or even combination with shake on one side and soft serve on the other. With a 70-80% profit margin on soft serve, it’s an additional profit center for your business. Not only that but having the versatility of a soft serve machine allows multiple product offerings like cones, soda floats, and shakes – providing you with upselling opportunities all around.

If you’re looking to aim for the health-conscious crowd, frozen yogurt can also be used in place of soft serve mix. This equipment line offers multiple size footprints to accommodate the needs of any location and offers fast recovery time to keep up with high demand dayparts. These machines are designed to keep up with the trends and have everyone coming back time and time again.

Keep It Moving

Taylor soft serve machines are a better option than having a hand dip counter or serving frozen premade ice cream treats. Convenient store customers only spend a few minutes inside – that means you need to capture their attention quickly and serve up product fast. With Taylor freezers, customers won’t need to wait around for an ice cream cone or sundae.

Taylor equipment is so easy to operate that the customer can serve themselves without frustration. With the draw of a handle, ice cream or frozen yogurt is dispensed, and they are on their way. The product will always be consistent, with less mess, and more profits.

Peace of Mind

Other than providing cool treats, Taylor soft serve equipment can take some of the heat for yourTaylor C_C709 staff. Convenience stores are often run with smaller staff sizes, with employees needing to do multiple tasks. Having the ability to minimize some of those tasks without impacting customer service and safety is important.

Some Taylor shake and soft serve freezers feature a heat treatment option. This process allows you to go up to 14 days without fully disassembling the equipment. It eliminates daily maintenance and saves on product costs because the hopper is not emptied every day. Heat treatment runs the machine through a short heating and cooling cycle every day allowing it to maintain product integrity and ensure food safety.

In select markets, a 8-day heat treatment option is available for an even longer time between full cleanings. It lets you serve up more treats and increase your bottom line. Give your c-store customers some tasty summer options with Taylor soft serve equipment.

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