Take the Fear Out of Takeout

The ugly truth is that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing restaurants everywhere to radically change how they operate, and in some unfortunate cases, close down. Customers who normally eat out several times a week are practicing social distancing by sheltering in place, but they are also afraid that ordering takeout could risk their well-being. And that fear is hurting restaurants and their to-go order business.

Are your customers scared? Of course they are. It’s hard not to be. While restaurants are taking every precaution to keep their cooking and prep areas sanitized and safe, alleviating that fear will require more than assurance. To do so, restaurants need to consider equipment that can offer the following:

First, consider safety and sanitation. Customers are skiddish, so they want to make sure their food is clean and safe. Second, we have to keep our distance from one another. Queuing up at a counter to exchange paper money isn’t going to cut it these days. Finally, it’s absolutely critical to maintain a quality product before it’s picked up. With consumers having so many takeout options, storing food in ideal conditions can mean the difference between return visits and a diminishing customer base.

Fortunately, there are innovative solutions to calm those fears and keep your restaurant’s takeout service thriving long after this uncertain time passes.

Introducing PUC from Carter-Hoffmann

This antimicrobial, connected pick-up cabinet could be one of the biggest game changers in today’s takeout foodservice operations. With online ordering and touch-less pick-up, the Carter-Hoffmann PUC is something to consider when developing or enhancing a takeout restaurant business.

This is the latest technology in mobile ordering for restaurants encountering the challenges of takeout listed above, and simply put, it addresses all of them.

Safe, Contactless Food Pick-Up for Takeout

PUC_AMbient_-_j_retouchedIf you’re familiar with the Alexa app or have ordered from Amazon, the Carter-Hoffmann PUC is similar to an Amazon Locker.

Heated and ambient configurations allow for variation in menu item storage. Foods are kept in individual sections of the cabinet that create safe storage, but also holding capabilities that preserve quality.

As for personal safety, cabinets are secure. Orders are kept separate from other orders, allowing consumers to order, pay, and collect food with zero contact with employees or, potentially, even other guests. Doors are opened with a pin code or even a QR code for even less contact.

When this uncertain time eventually passes, takeout will remain a prominent fixture of successful restaurant operations, and contactless food pickup and delivery is vital. Carter-Hoffmann’s PUC aims to put the fears of going out for food to rest.

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