Stone Hearth Pizza Ovens Elevate the Dining Experience

During the last 17 months, it’s been clear America’s favorite comfort food is pizza. More than any other type of operation, pizzerias were not only able to sustain business during challenging times, in many cases, they were able to grow.In large part, pizza’s success was due to the ability of operators to provide takeout and delivery options, both of which were important for profits even before the onset of COVID-19. Today, though, as cities and states are opening back up and customers are filling dining rooms, they’re looking for more than just a great slice. They’re looking for a great experience.

Why Stone Ovens Can Make a Difference

There’s something captivating about a low flame burning inside the beautiful design of a custom stone pizza oven, watching as workers peel out pie after pie. Stone hearth ovens can help deliver this type of amazing customer experience that results in repeat visits and higher profits.

For operators looking to start a new business, or even for existing restaurants looking to make a change, providing a central oven created with aesthetics in mind can transfer the front-of-the-house into a gathering place and a point of profit.

Beech pizza oven at The Mantle

Make It Beautiful

Consumers are tired of being in their houses. Many of the motivations for going out to dinner include being in a new space. Make it beautiful with a custom hearth oven.

Continue With Quality

Fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive. Just because you have a beautiful, showpiece oven doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Beech Oven Stone hearth ovens contain a number of design features and unique accessories. Using only the highest quality refractory materials and customizable for each situation, Beech is chosen by the world’s leading hotel and kitchen designers.

Drive The Brand

Not only can a stone hearth oven look beautiful and pump out great pizza, it can also become part of the overall brand. Just as an example, some establishments will even name their hearth oven to make it part of the story.

Customize With Character

High-end, elevated pizza concepts aren’t looking to be the same as everyone else. Whether it’s aesthetics, the type of oven, or the space in which the oven will go, customized stone pizza ovens can fit within the overall concept desired.

Check out Beech’s project gallery for more wood fired oven inspiration.

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