Changing The Stadium Food Game With Evo EVent

Attending an event in a stadium setting not only means going to a concert or sporting event, but also enjoying a wide variety of food choices. Gone are the days when stadium food was the most basic of options. Today’s menu options include loaded burgers, croquet monsieur, and Chinese food. Giving the Evo EVent® ventless griddle the perfect opportunity to shine.Stadiums and arenas across the sports spectrum, including Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League, rely on the Evo EVent to help deliver amazing food choices to their fans. Designed for front-of-house cooking, the EVent is a game-changer in the sports arena world.

No Need For Ventilation With The Evo Griddle

Traditional commercial grills require ventilation systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install. From hoods to fire suppression systems to inspections, ventilation can be cost-prohibitive and something that isn’t viable in every situation. Because it’s ventless, the Evo EVent ventless cooktop lets you utilize spaces that otherwise might not have been considered suitable for cooking, including outdoor spaces, lobbies and sections of kitchens where installing ventilation isn’t possible.The EVent’s built-in ventilation system extracts air across the griddle surface, removing smoke and grease particles before exhausting clean air. This means cooking odors are eliminated, just as they would be with a traditional hood. There’s also a built-in fire suppression system that doesn’t distract from the unit’s overall look and helps keep staff and customers safe.

Get Mobile And Cook Anywhere on This Ventless Flat Top Griddle

Evo EVent at Anaheim StadiumAnother advantage to being ventless is the ability to cook anywhere you can imagine, letting arenas use previously unused spaces without any extra expense. Since no overhead hood or ventilation is needed, the Evo EVent ventless grill can be placed in walkways, indoor venues, under stairwells and any high traffic area where customers are gathering. Many baseball and football stadiums have expansive walkways to set up the EVent, giving access to sausages, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and anything you can create, grabbing people’s attention and creating more profits.

Let The Aesthetics Shine

Today’s stadiums and arenas don’t resemble those of the past. Now fitted with multiple concourses, premium food areas, and luxury box areas, stadiums serve a high-end audience and provide attendees numerous places to relax and mingle outside of their seats. The Evo grill lets the beauty of the stadium shine through without distracting vents overhead. There’s also the ability to customize around the EVent professional grill so it fits seamlessly into your decor.

Put On A Show 

Evo EVent at Yankee StadiumPresenting your guests with the ability to see their food being prepared on the Evo EVent not only shows them that their meal is fresh and made to order but also lets your chefs showcase their talents.When a new hospitality space opened at Rogers Arena, Robert Bartley, Executive Chef of (Vancouver) Canucks Sports & Entertainment, knew it was important to have cooking front and center but without noticeable smells. This is why they use the Evo EVent ventless flat top grill. “Given the unique setting we are in, it was very important that our fans can see the cooking, BUT not smell aroma or grease laden vapor,” said Bartley. “This unit has been a successful choice for us. It has exceeded expectations. The cooks and our fans are really enjoying the ‘cooked in front of you’ experience.”

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