Speed Up Service with U-Line’s Pizza Prep Table

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”, but know what else is money?


With each order that gets to the table or out the door faster than the one before, operators are not only saving time, they are also saving money.

It makes sense that in order to get faster, operators have to analyze every element of their operation; starting with food prep.

Save Time and Speed up Service

Pizza prep table U-Line

Close proximity to refrigeration saves staff time and keeps production in motion. Consider the time lost on every trip to the walk-in cooler. There’s the time it takes to walk to the cooler, find the right item, and return to the prep area. While that employee is gone, production is slowed. Add up several trips a day – especially during rush periods – and the time lost can be exponential. With the built-in refrigeration in U-Line by Desmon’s Pizza Prep-Table, employees don’t have to leave the prep line to refill ingredients. This keeps your operation at full throttle during business hours.

Centralizing ingredients on the condiment rail increases speed of assembly. It’s amazing how simple this sounds, right? But how many times do assemblers have to reach or move for the most common items? It happens more than operators would care to admit. The U-Line by Desmon Pizza Prep-Table puts the most common ingredients in advantageous positions, allowing for quicker and more efficient assembly.

Options to Fit Your Needs

Pizza Oven U-Line Pizza prepThe U-Line by Desmon Pizza Prep-Table has a variety of options to fit every operator’s needs. Choose from two or three door configurations, depending on you space requirements and daily output. Every unit comes standard with a granite top. For additional flexibility, opt for a condiment rail to hold all ingredients within reach.

Operators will find these are the true pizza make tables from Italy that will fit every application and provide the speed and scalability to fit restaurants of any size.

The U-Line by Desmon is the gold standard for pizza prep tables and is designed and built with quality and efficiency in mind. Plus, they’re energy-efficient while saving time and labor costs.


Learn more about adding a U-Line by Desmon Pizza Prep Table to your lineup.


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