High Speed in a Low Profile Oven

Even before the current COVID-19 outbreak, restaurants and other foodservice operations have always dealt with issues related to space.

Today, those spaces are changing and morphing due to the need to relocate diners outside. As a result, what was traditionally the front-of-the-house is being used for more back-of-the-house purposes. Before COVID-19, though, there was always a need for high performance in a smaller footprint, and that’s exactly what Southbend’s TruVection provides.


Speaking of stacked ovens, when you put three TruVection ovens in the same footprint, it allows TVES-30SCoperators to utilize three different cooking chambers in the same location. This allows for simultaneous output of a wide range of menu items.


The TruVection is a low-profile unit that can be used on countertops or stacked up to three high for maximum production. Ovens can be placed in areas where operators might not normally consider ovens. This can turn underutilized spaces, or spaces that need to change by current serving conditions, into full-fledged centers for cooking.


With easy-to-use controls and 52,000 BTUs, Southbend’s TruVection ovens provide big-time capabilities without overwhelming your staff. Inshot burners heat up quickly and feature the same soft heat mixing technology as Southbend’s full size ovens. And because TruVection units mix hot air with tempered air, you can expect an even, consistent bake every time, regardless of who’s operating the unit.

Check out some of the features and benefits of Southbend’s TruVection oven in this short video:

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