Serving Up An Endless Variety Of Frozen Drinks With Taylor

Adding frozen drink options to your menu can not only help your business stand out from the crowd, but it can also boost your revenue. Frozen drinks have a higher profit margin than drinks that come in cans and bottles. Considered premium beverages, frozen drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – command a higher price point than a regular drink.

With a lineup that offers a fit for almost any establishment, Taylor frozen beverage equipment can help you serve up a variety of options to your customers. From frozen coffees and cocktails to shakes and smoothies, Taylor beverage freezers are built to serve.

Not Your Everyday Slush

Being able to serve any drink quickly helps keep patrons happy and coming back for more. Taylor frozen beverage machines can keep up with high demand and provide ready-to-serve frozen drinks that taste amazing every time.

Slush machines are a great option to provide a cool offering to your customers. Frozen carbonatedTaylor model_349 beverage machines can be dispensed by your staff or placed in self-serve stations, so customers can pour the drinks themselves. This lets you save on labor costs and makes the experience a little more fun. Customers can mix and match fruit flavors or enjoy a frozen twist on their favorite soft drink. Add in a soft-serve machine and customers can even create floats! If FCB isn’t your style, Taylor also offers uncarbonated beverage freezers to fit your needs.

For locations serving a late-night crowd, pick your favorite product mix and add your choice of alcohol for memorable frozen cocktails. Frozen cocktail freezers allow drinks to be ready with every draw, which saves your bartenders time and controls your alcohol costs. All Taylor frozen beverage machines allow you to effortlessly switch between drink recipes, so creating unique LTOs and signature cocktails couldn’t be easier.

Keep Your Operations Smooth

Healthy options are always popular, even with frozen drinks. Give your customers a show by using Taylor sb25-no-tablethe MagnablendTM frozen blended beverage station. By offering a smoothie bar, customers can choose exactly what they want included in their drink and then watch you blend them up behind the counter. Easily appeal to health-conscious consumers who value only the freshest ingredients and immune-boosting add-ins.

For more high-paced operations that require not only consistency but speed of service, Taylor smoothie freezers are the way to go. Pour in your product mix and freeze down in minutes, to have ready-to-serve smoothies all day. Take your menu to the next level by offering gourmet frozen coffee or teas. With dairy safe options, frozen cappuccinos can also be on the menu. Customize any frozen drink with shots or specialty toppings to add on additional profits for your business.

Shaking Up Your Menu

If you haven’t heard, shakes have been on-trend in a big way. Monster shakes have been a hit on frozen drink menus all over the country. These aren’t your typical shakes with just soft serve, mix-ins or some syrup – These are huge milkshakes topped with items such as donuts, waffles, strips of bacon, or any other sweet ingredient imaginable. Taylor shake machines can help you serve these showstopper drinks quickly and consistently without the labor or mess of hand-dipping. With the draw of a handle, shakes can be dispensed into glasses on demand allowing you to easily mix in fresh fruit or candies, then add the toppings of your choice. These units bring consistency to every shake served so customers know they are getting the same quality every time.

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