Serving Food At Sea With Blodgett Combi Ovens

Serving the highest quality of food while at sea can be difficult. With limited space, tighter entryways, and water considerations, it’s a struggle that maritime chefs face daily. How can your fleet prepare top level meals for large crowds, multiple times a day, while at sea? The Blodgett Combi marine line offers everything you need, no matter what size vessel being equipped.

The Ultimate Dining Experience

Don’t let cooking for large crowds at sea limit your customer’s dining experience. Blodgett Combi Marine ovens are great for preparing meals for large crowds. They also provide individual timers for each rack for prep and finishing purposes. Touchscreen controls can store up to 500 recipes, saving time and labor. There’s also the flexibility to grill, roast, poach, pan-fry, stew, bake, steam, and proof dough for baked goods, making it easy for crews to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight buffet.

Safety First at Sea

Safety is vital when putting electrical equipment on marine vessels. Making sure items don’t shift or open unexpectedly, along with making sure that equipment is correctly wired for marine use, are all safety concerns. Blodgett Combi marine line ovens all have flanged feet that can be welded or bolted down, so there’s no fear of the equipment shifting.

The marine line also offers all marine voltages and the largest offering of boiler and boilerless ovens. Oven doors have a strong door spring along with two-stage door handles to make sure doors don’t open accidentally. Blodgett Combi marine line ovens are built to cover all safety issues, so your crew only has to worry about preparing excellent meals.

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Customizable For All Marine Needs

Getting ovens down small hatches can be frustrating. Blodgett Combi ovens offer the most precise cooking ovens with the most customization available to chefs. Blodgett Combi ovens offer more sizes and configurations for marine ovens than anyone else in the market. From the Mini Hoodini, which fits into the smallest of spaces, to the 202, a roll-in pan unit, which has a meal capacity of 500 meals, Blodgett Combi ovens cover every sized group you can imagine.

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