Serve up Adult Slushies with a Festive Spin

The holiday season is full of celebrations and events that call for enjoying delectable meals and specialty drinks. What better way to ring out the end of the year than with specialty adult cocktail slushies from Taylor Company’s Zamboozy?

With the RTD category growing over the next few years, having frozen cocktails on your menu will create conversation and help raise the bar on your beverage business. Frozen holiday flavors are great LTOs that can help differentiate you from your competition. With a freeze time between eight and twelve minutes, a Zamboozy™ can help your bar or restaurant keep up with high demands for frozen cocktails at peak holiday times while increasing profits.

Cheerful Holiday Cocktail Slushies

Want a menu option that will make everyone stop to take a selfie? Make your location the talk of the town during the holiday season with perfectly garnished frozen cocktails. From recipes with wine to those with liquor, there are hundreds of festive flavor combinations that can be served up with the pull of a handle.


One of the best-known adult slushies, frosé means ‘frozen rosé.’ A perfect wine to drink during the holidays, rosé is fun and light which helps it complement, and not overpower, food.Frose in champagne glasses

Bourbon Spice

Adult slushies aren’t just for wine. Try using spicy bourbon and cola. An American version of whiskey, bourbon provides a warming sensation as it’s consumed, making it a nice addition in colder weather.

Moscow Mule

Mix together vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer for a spicy, warming drink. Serve in a traditional Moscow Mule copper mug to make it even more special.

Brandy Old Fashioned

Take a traditional cocktail and jazz it up with a frozen Brandy Old Fashioned. All it takes is brandy, orange juice, bitters, and some lemon-lime soda for an updated bar favorite sure to warm customers hearts.

Holiday Craft Beer Slushies

Zamboozy Beer Adult SlushiesWhen you think of adult slushies, you likely only think of those associated with wine and liquor. But using a Zamboozy allows your bar or restaurant to produce craft beer slushies as well. Frozen beer cocktails are a great way to serve locally produced craft brews. Or just put a new spin on national brands your customers already love.

Winter beers incorporate flavors such as cinnamon, ginger, chai, spruce, pecans, cranberries, and citrus, making their tastes and aromas unique to the season. With a wide selection of holiday beers on the market, there are many options to wow your customers.

Vanilla Porter

A dark beer that’s infused with vanilla beans, these beers have a hoppy tone with a vanilla kick.

Winter Lager

A wheat bock style beer that incorporates spices and orange peel, winter lagers have a malty, warm finish.


While similar to a porter, a stout beer has more of a coffee flavor incorporated into it. A dark beer, they’re great for enjoying on a chilly night.

Zamboozy Holiday Cocktail Slushie Recipe

There are so many great holiday cocktail slushies that can be made to entice your customers. Try out the Slushie Russian to help make your customers’ holidays extra special.

Recipe card for Slushie Russian adult slushies

Serve Fun Holiday Adult Slushies

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