Three Reasons Selecting the Right Pizza Deck Oven Will Have Long-Lasting Impacts

Photo Credit: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Pizzerias rely on two important things when creating the perfect pizza – ingredients and commercial pizza ovens. While we certainly have our favorite ingredients here at Middleby (did anyone say San Marzano tomatoes?) our real area of expertise is in helping operators find the perfect pizza oven. Selecting an oven is arguably the most important decision a pizzeria operator will make. You can always change the brand of cheese or select different cans of tomatoes, but the oven choice can last a lifetime, particularly if that choice is made with care and the right considerations. What type of pizzas are being made? What is the volume? Are there other menu items to consider? These are all important questions to begin the selection process, but what about the results of the process? How can a deck pizza oven have lasting impacts in a pizzeria or a restaurant with a pizza menu component?

Pizza Ovens and Menu Diversity

Over time, a restaurant’s menu might change. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the one way to ensure implementation is to use an oven with a wide range of capabilities. Take Blodgett commercial deck ovens, for example. A steel deck provides operators the ability to use their own pizza pans. Change that to a hearth deck and achieve a different range of results.

Changes in Pizza Volume

If things go well, a restaurant will become busier and busier over time. When starting out maybe only one or two ovens are needed, but as business increases, perhaps a third and a fourth commercial gas pizza oven are required to keep up with demand. A pizza deck oven from Blodgett provides a variety of different stacking configurations that can help operators maximize the use of space while increasing their output.

A Commercial Pizza Oven Built for Future Use

Making a commitment to an oven brand is important because ovens can have a long lifespan. When an operator selects an oven it’s like selecting a business partner. Choosing a brand that’s reliable, dependable and provides a great return on investment will enable future success. When you choose a durable oven, it can be there for the life of the operation. This is exactly what Blodgett can provide, and one of the top pizzerias in the country agrees. Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago icon, and Blodgett deck ovens are the exclusive ovens used in second-generation pizza mastermind, Marc Malnati’s, famous operations. “Golden brown crust, fully cooked, bubbly cheese—Blodgett ovens cook our pizzas perfectly time and time again,” Malnati says.

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