Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of AI with DemandSmart

Within any foodservice operation, energy costs can be a big unknown. In the worst-case scenarios, energy consumption can eat into profit margins in drastic ways. This means managing energy efficiency is now a critical component of a successful bottom line and is a contributor to profitability.

When you break down energy spending, a substantial portion of monthly electric bills is often attributed to peak demand usage, which can range from 30 to 70% of total charges. Addressing this challenge head-on, Powerhouse Dynamics has introduced a new feature in their Open Kitchen IoT platform called “DemandSmart.” DemandSmart is an AI-driven feature that further reduces electric bills by managing peak demand usage, working around the clock to coordinate and optimize electricity loads to enhance savings for Open Kitchen customers.

Harnessing AI for Peak Demand Management and Energy Efficiency

But how does it work? The Open Kitchen DemandSmart feature analyzes a range of data points, including equipment usage, electric utility signals, market prices, and various operational conditions such as the building envelope, weather, electric vehicle fleet schedules, and human preferences. By analyzing this data, Open Kitchen’s DemandSmart feature strategically distributes electric load within a facility to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, leading to a reduction in electricity demand charges by 10 percent or more annually – on top of the 10%-20% energy savings that Open Kitchen already delivers. Foodservice operations that adopt Open Kitchen’s DemandSmart technology will experience enhanced cost savings and ever-marketable sustainability efforts. By curbing peak demand use, operators will reduce their carbon footprints, align with environmental goals, and meet Scope 2 emissions targets.

Additional Savings, Low-to-No Human Involvement, and Real-Time Price Management

There are many benefits to curbing demand when it comes to energy consumption, and Open Kitchen’s DemandSmart feature is a straightforward value-add that curtails peak demand costs. This provides foodservice operations with substantial savings and bolsters the sustainability efforts listed above. But there are other advantages to using a smart energy management system such as Open Kitchen.

Once enabled, Open Kitchen’s DemandSmart feature requires minimal human intervention. It intelligently manages peak energy demand in the background, ensuring employees and customers maintain expected comfort levels. With real-time price management and time-of-use pricing, DemandSmart optimizes electricity consumption during the most cost-effective periods, enhancing overall efficiency without the need for additional labor or supervision.

Other Opportunities

In addition to peak demand reduction, the DemandSmart feature in Open Kitchen can optimize energy loads during Demand Response events that allow establishments to achieve energy usage objectives without compromising comfort – and allow Open Kitchen customers to reap additional financial benefits by participating in demand response programs with utilities.

Elevate Your Energy Efficiency Game with Open Kitchen’s DemandSmart

The introduction of the DemandSmart feature in Open Kitchen is a game-changer for businesses grappling with high peak demand charges. Through AI-driven technology, it optimizes electric load 24/7/365, enhancing savings and accelerating sustainability efforts.

If you’re ready to take control of your peak demand charges, reach out to Powerhouse Dynamics’ experts to explore how Open Kitchen with DemandSmart can revolutionize your energy management game.

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