Rethermalizers Increase Service Speed

Right now, as more and more restaurants and foodservice operations are looking for ways to be nimble in their service, finding foodservice equipment that can provide versatility can be the difference between shutting down and staying open.

Particularly in the era of carryout and curbside pickup, equipment that keeps food warm and fresh all day long is a great way to meet high-volume orders, and this is why rethermalizers are a great consideration in the age of COVID.

What is rethermalizing?

Essentially, retherming is the process of reheating foods that have already been cooked. Similar to sous vide style cooking, a bath of hot water is created at a specific temperature, and vacuum-sealed products are placed in the water. Unlike sous vide, though, foods are not designed to be cooked from rare to serving states, they are just intended to be reheated to a serving condition.

This process is completed in a rethermalizer. It’s a large, stainless steel basin of water that uses advanced heat transfer units to convey heat from a heating flame to the contents of the tank. It’s fast, efficient, and rethermalizing meets all the important safety requirements.

In addition to warming foods to ideal serving conditions, rethermalizers can also hold foods in these states, as well. This means menu diversity and a reduction in food waste that all operations are seeking in today’s environment. Here’s a quick look at the types of foods you can serve with a rethermalizer.


The final piece of the puzzle is labor. As restaurants change their processes due to the changing serving requirements caused by the coronavirus, staff members will need to be retrained, as well. Any equipment operation that’s simple and efficient will be a welcome addition to the kitchen.

Foods can be prepped and pre-cooked earlier in the day or even week, and with a rethermalizer, those prepared foods can be ready to go out the door in a matter of minutes, just using a very small footprint in the kitchen.

What to Look for in a Rethermalizer

Pitco logo-1Pitco offers several marine grade stainless steel rethermalizer models to the meet the high demands of an operator’s kitchen. Whether your establishment is looking for gas or electric equipment options, or you’re short on space and seeking a countertop rethermalizing option, Pitco’s line of rethermalizers are designed with every operation in mind.

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