Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

The Covid pandemic changed everything about operating restaurants. Operators who were well-positioned or quick to execute technology were able to redefine their operation. They learned the value of efficiency and productivity by leveraging technology, and they will never go back.

The current labor shortage means higher employee costs for operators. To offset these costs, they must discover ways for employees to work more efficiently to produce more.

Introducing the New, Award-Winning PLEXOR from TurboChef

The TurboChef PLEXOR was designed to cook food the way it wants to be cooked, and the way people want to cook it. With three different next generation cooking technologies: impingement, rapid cook and convection, operators can produce a wide range of menu items all in a 45-inch ventless footprint using just one plug and one consolidated single-touch user interface.

Winner of the 2021 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association, the PLEXOR is designed for any operator looking to produce the highest volume in a small ventless space. It utilizes vertical space in an ergonomically optimized fashion. That formula works extremely well across a wide range of applications from dedicated delivery kitchens, onsite B&I operations, c-stores, fine dining, hotels, and more.

Automation Makes Employees More Productive

Automation takes on many forms and they all make increasingly expensive employees more productive. PLEXOR seamlessly incorporates automation through the UI combined with the auto loading and unloading system that empowers multi-tasking employees to plan their movements around PLEXOR, not the other way around.

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