Rapid Cooking Leads to Rapid Profits

Speed and accuracy are top of mind when serving food. In fact, QSR Magazine reported that customers have said that wait times at restaurants are one of the areas that cause them dissatisfaction. But operators can only increase human efficiency and speed by so much. In most cases, a real increase in speed can only be achieved through the equipment we use to cook. And that’s where using a high-speed oven comes in.

A high-speed oven cooks food up to 50 percent quicker than a traditional oven, helping serve customers quicker and meet demand. In addition to cooking quicker, a rapid cook oven also offers versatility. For commercial kitchens that are tight on space, a high-speed countertop oven’s small footprint can be a real benefit. TurboChef ovens are ventless too, so there’s no need for expensive ductwork or maintenance. And the ability to cook a wide range of menu items from appetizers to steaks, helps foodservice businesses serve exactly what guests are looking for.

Another way these ovens help keep up with demand is that high-speed ovens don’t come in only one configuration. TurboChef high-speed ovens are available in both countertop and freestanding options. The high-speed conveyor ovens can produce high volumes of pizza, wings, or even cookies without the need for staff to monitor. Rapid cook ovens with a panini press help cafes serve lines quicker with the pull of a handle. And the Plexor, with its modular design and three drawers can cook an entire meal at one time, allowing even full-service restaurants to get food on tables quicker.

In today’s environment with the expectation of quick service and accuracy even during peak demand, having a high-speed oven that has the capabilities to produce a variety of high-quality foods is a game changer.

Is your restaurant ready for ovens that will take you to the next level? Try these TurboChef recipes and see how easy it is for rapid cooking to lead to profits!


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